Watercolour Brush Life Drawing: 041016

Using a water brush as an experiment. I think it would work nicely with some longer poses- these were around 5-10 minutes.


Perspective Shift Life Drawing: 270916

Drawing the same pose multiple times, shifting perspective every time (seated on floor, seated and then standing.

All done with marker and fineliner (no guide lines in pencil), a technique I’ve been experimenting with all year.

Then the model changed her perspective to us, as we remained stationary. (Just had flashbacks to Standard Grade English trying to remember which stationery/stationary was which…)

Sketchy Pen Life Drawing: 200916

5 to 10 minute poses using fineliner and marker pen for emphasis. No pencil and eraser = no mistakes allowed!

1-minute sketches as the model changed position. A mix of seated and standing poses. Relatively successful for using just a marker pen, I think!


Conté Life Drawing: 060916

I realised I’ve edited or shared barely any of my life drawing from this semester. So, I’m sharing it all in the next few weeks!


Portraits – 140616

Portrait studies. The first is in charcoal- I’m really not happy with either. My facial anatomy is really rusty, and I found the materials difficult.IMG_0396

Pen and ink. Better, but the hair detracts from the appeal.



Pencil Experiments – Life drawing

I struggle using pencil- my lines are too harsh yet the material is too soft.

More model-directed poses of varying lengths, focusing on the hands and face.


Struggles in Conté


The compressed charcoal I bought from the art shop here in Malmo wasn’t conte. You can really tell the difference, I think. It lacks the waxy quality that’s so great about the real thing.

For this session the model walked around the room and dictated the length of her poses, which I loved.


Life Drawing – 170516


Tuille is fun! The model also did a getting dressed routine as a warmup, which was great practice at fabric.