What is Design Dilettante?

In my day job, I’m a UX Designer working in Malmo, Sweden. I’ve been blogging for a long time (at least 7 years), but mainly in an educational or purely art-focused format. I wanted somewhere fresh to explore all my dilettantisms, namely:

  • Experimental graphic design
  • Life drawing
  • Games industry career advice
  • Serial international tourism
  • Board game design
  • Minimal lifestyle, nihilism and asceticism

This is that place. It’s a collection of content that I’d like to write and read, no purpose, just the goal of making the work itself.

A lot of this, especially game dev 101, is stuff I wish someone else had written when I was starting out as a student.

If you want to hire me I’m probably not available, apart from passion projects and voluntary work, but you can still see my professional output at caitlingoodale.com