People who know me in person know I’m goal-oriented.

Packing for Malmo planning: notice the extreme mindmaps.

Scratch that, I’m goal-crazy, goal-driven. I live a life dictated by to-do lists, bullet points and five year plans. Moving to Sweden was no different- and although I know it’ll take a while (I’m estimating 3 to 6 months) to settle into the city, culture and workplace, I have some vague ideas of where I want to be in the short, medium and long-term.

Short Term – 1 Month

  • Walk the city. Get a feel for neighbourhoods, who shops where, when people stay out until etc.
  • Find a coffee shop with
    • Great coffee
    • Good wifi
    • Late opening hours (lots of places here shut at 4pm!)
  • Make a good impression at work and learn as much as I can about the company.
  • Find and successfully rent an apartment. Ideally
    • Unfurnished
    • Small (studio or 1-bed max)
    • Balcony-having (a girl can dream…)
  • Get my personnummer, bank account etc. sorted.
  • Begin Swedish lessons.
  • Find out how to type the ö in Malmö reliably on my keyboard.

Medium term – 3 to 6 Months

  • Settle in at work. Work to a standard where I feel like I’m contributing to the team and project(s).
    • Look into doing additional training, possibly a General Assembly online course or HBS CoreX.
  • Set up a liveable, stick-to-able budget.
  • Work on publishing my dissertation as a paper.
  • Outfit my flat with the basics, and persuade friends to come visit!
  • Get my Swedish to the standard where I can at least order a coffee and possibly be understood.
  • Get to know the company, expat and game dev communities in Malmo.
  • Explore the different Malmo and Copenhagen Meetup groups.
  • Pick back up my disparate, MPDG-like hobbies
    • Ukulele
    • Rock climbing
    • Jogging (holla c25k!)
    • Life drawing (possibly help run a class?)
    • Choral singing

Long term – 1 year+

  • Advance my UX skills to mid-level.
  • Visit new parts of Sweden and northern Europe.
  • Speak at a conference, either about my King work or my dissertation.
  • Settle into living in Sweden.

These goals are likely to change and mutate- but to me, life is about going with the flow. Any advice for places to visit in Sweden, or tips for settling in? Leave them below!


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