Moon Girl

A project idea (card game & illustration related) has been bouncing around in my head for a year or so. After an eventful evening with my coworkers I finally have the inspiration to start working on in earnest.


“It started with the moon that turned an inexpensive room into St. Peters'”
Standard cliche fantasy fare. I will never let the galaxy trend die…


Inprog of the girl. I used pen, watercolour and wax on crappy non-watercolour paper.


Cute sleepy dude


More studies needed of sleeping poses.


New Sketchbook


My conté finally arrived!

Been soul searching recently and realised life drawing is an important factor in keeping me sane (surprise surprise). Endeavouring to do some sort of life drawing (either from model or refs) for the next few months.

Also think improving my rendering skills will really help with my work at the moment.

These are from photo reference.



People who know me in person know I’m goal-oriented.

Packing for Malmo planning: notice the extreme mindmaps.

Scratch that, I’m goal-crazy, goal-driven. I live a life dictated by to-do lists, bullet points and five year plans. Moving to Sweden was no different- and although I know it’ll take a while (I’m estimating 3 to 6 months) to settle into the city, culture and workplace, I have some vague ideas of where I want to be in the short, medium and long-term.

Short Term – 1 Month

  • Walk the city. Get a feel for neighbourhoods, who shops where, when people stay out until etc.
  • Find a coffee shop with
    • Great coffee
    • Good wifi
    • Late opening hours (lots of places here shut at 4pm!)
  • Make a good impression at work and learn as much as I can about the company.
  • Find and successfully rent an apartment. Ideally
    • Unfurnished
    • Small (studio or 1-bed max)
    • Balcony-having (a girl can dream…)
  • Get my personnummer, bank account etc. sorted.
  • Begin Swedish lessons.
  • Find out how to type the ö in Malmö reliably on my keyboard.

Medium term – 3 to 6 Months

  • Settle in at work. Work to a standard where I feel like I’m contributing to the team and project(s).
    • Look into doing additional training, possibly a General Assembly online course or HBS CoreX.
  • Set up a liveable, stick-to-able budget.
  • Work on publishing my dissertation as a paper.
  • Outfit my flat with the basics, and persuade friends to come visit!
  • Get my Swedish to the standard where I can at least order a coffee and possibly be understood.
  • Get to know the company, expat and game dev communities in Malmo.
  • Explore the different Malmo and Copenhagen Meetup groups.
  • Pick back up my disparate, MPDG-like hobbies
    • Ukulele
    • Rock climbing
    • Jogging (holla c25k!)
    • Life drawing (possibly help run a class?)
    • Choral singing

Long term – 1 year+

  • Advance my UX skills to mid-level.
  • Visit new parts of Sweden and northern Europe.
  • Speak at a conference, either about my King work or my dissertation.
  • Settle into living in Sweden.

These goals are likely to change and mutate- but to me, life is about going with the flow. Any advice for places to visit in Sweden, or tips for settling in? Leave them below!


I’m back to writing a blog, for no finite reason and for no finite length of time.


This blog is a space for me to talk about my move to Malmö, my non-work passions and design. Plan is to write what I can and let this space form naturally!

Next time I promise there will be fewer words and more pictures.